My Wishlist by American Express 2008

Posted by Madison on November 26, 2008

American Express Wishlist is back! It’s sort of like the Black Friday after party! It’s especially useful if you are busy shopping online and you want to take a break for something fun.

American Express Wishlist

Dates. The dates for this year’s wish list are December 1-18.

American Express Card. You have to have an American Express card (even for the free wish certificates) since it’s only for card members. If you don’t have an American Express card, apply now and you could probably get it before the promotion is over.

Discounted Products

Three times per day (12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. ET) they offer the chance to purchase items like trips, cars, jewelry, electronics, etc. at ridiculous discounts. However, the items are limited so you have to be quick, and lucky. It’s essentially a sweepstakes of sorts. I’ve never gotten one, but mainly because I’m in it for the wish certificates…

Wish Certificates

My favorite part of the wish list is getting the wish certificates. They are released three times per day (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 6 p.m. ET). There are limited quantities… but many more than the products, so you can actually win them. You only get four, so use them wisely! Usually the wish certificates are good for up to 25% off at the given retailer.

My favorite certificates in prior years were Amazon and Toys R Us, although both of those were discontinued last year. I’ll be anxious to see what this year holds!

In addition, you can usually stack the wish certificates with other online deals to make your money go even further.

What Happened to Amazon?

Amazon discontinued their participation last year. However, they have their own promotion called Customers Vote. The concept is similar, you vote, then find out if you get picked to participate in the race to buy. Voting is going on now, and the first buying day is November 28.

Update! American Express brought Amazon back. If you win one, you get 25% off. This is the one that I’ll be trying for!

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Comments to My Wishlist by American Express 2008

  1. I love the Am Exp wishlist. I have never won but I am hooked to it like an addict. I think it is a great promotional tool for them and they certainly need it now. Thanks My Dollar Plan.

    Beef Up Your Piggy

  2. Best I ever got was a discount to Sports Authority. Tough to win anything but if you do you’re getting a great bargain!


  3. Wow, I’ll have to sign up for this. Look at that AMEX Clear card! No late fees!!! No overlimit fees, no balance transfer fees!! Whoo!! I don’t even need a card right now, but that one looks like a great one to apply for, lol!!

    Mrs. Accountability

  4. How do I sell a wish list that I won for my husband but he does not want? What site would be best for the hotel package?

    Amy JO

  5. Amy Jo: Congrats on the win! We sold extra Amazon wish certificates in the past on eBay without any problems.


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