Do You Have a Black Friday Story?

Posted by Madison on November 28, 2008

We all know I’m in love with Black Friday! Whether it’s shopping resources for the big day, getting free stuff or shopping online, I think it’s such a fun event.

However, since we’re out of town, I didn’t do my usual routine. Hopefully, I’m still sleeping. (OK, I have two toddlers, that would never happen!)

Here’s what my typical routine looked like in prior years:

  • Up at 3:35
  • Out the door at 3:40
  • Meet my mom at 3:55
  • In line at 3:56
  • First store at 4:00
  • Next set of stores opening around the mall at 5:00, 6:00, and 6:30
  • Hit the mall by 7:00
  • Done with shopping and off to breakfast by 9:30
  • One last store on the way home
  • Home before 11:30

This year would have been so much fun now that we have a CVS and a Costco in town.

Last year I missed Black Friday because we had a newborn. So we’ll see what next year’s plans look like!

Share your Story!

I love to hear about Black Friday! What time did you get up? Which store did you hit first? Which free items did you pick up? Tell me all about it.

Share your story in the comments!

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Comments to Do You Have a Black Friday Story?

  1. Black Friday!…stayed home under the warm covers, lol I did not spend a dime


  2. Black Friday at CVS starts Thursday and goes until Saturday. With CVS’s huge freebie sale I started rolling my ExtraBucks yesterday morning at 12:30 midnight, and have so far stocked up on about $106 worth of stuff, spending $1.60 out of pocket… and I’m still not done 😀 Sorry you’re missing out.


  3. We woke around 6 a.m., got to the stores by 7. The crowds were really thin in Allentown and Bethlehem, PA.

    Proud of myself this year – I made a list of people and gift items, stuck to my list, and finished my Christmas shopping today under budget. On to the mailing list!


  4. I have been laid off, and my husband will be laid off for 1 month next week, so this year, we drew names for Christmas. We did not set a limit, mostly because we knew nobody would go overboard. My family and I are making handmade cards and gifts for everyone else. Those will be the ones they remember (especially because the kids are making them) anyway!!
    Thanks Rassah for the CVS tip, I don’t shop there normally but I will start!!


  5. I don’t have a black friday story for this year, but I did see on the news that a poor Wal-Mart employee somewhere in the US was trampled to death by a bunch of black friday shoppers that burst into the store the second he opened the door.

    I haven’t found anything worth getting up for at 4am in a few years, but I would never work or shop on a black friday ever again after hearing that story.


  6. I work in retail, you do not want to hear, nor do I have the time to tell my story…


  7. The best deal of the day was the first deal. Sears had a Sony Blu-Ray player for $180. When Mom and I got in the store I asked and was told they had them in the back. The employee informed us that we had to get in line and tell them we wanted to purchase it when we got to the front. If they still had some, we could buy it then. Mom got in line while I collected other items on our list. We got to the front and was told 1 was left so the cashier rang it up for us. We went back to merchandise pickup and after looking for 5 minutes we were told they had sold them all. At first they offered a rain check option since they had sold it to us and said it would be in before Christmas. We asked about Samsung player for $200 and wanted to see if we could do an exchange and get it, since they had said they had more of those. After about 5-7 minutes an employee came out holding a Sony Blu-Ray player of a different model. He said he checked with the manager and since they had sold one to us that was not in stock we could have the next model up for the same price. I was very excited. I then thanked them and went on to the next store.


  8. Stayed home and didn’t spend any money. Okay I fess up . Did buy something online, but overall the plan was to save and not spend any money.

    El Monte Guy

  9. I skipped black friday shopping too as usual. I finished all of my shopping before hand. Now I just have a few little bits and pieces to pick up.

    I guess it would be more frugal of me to shop on black friday, but we live far from big box stores and the crowds make me way too grumpy!


  10. # 1:00 AM – left the house with her cousins for Target
    # 1:30 AM – got to Target but it opens at 6AM
    # 1:31 AM – Saw a Wal-mart across the way
    # 1:35 AM – Drove Past Wal-mart and it was already open
    # 1:36 AM – saw some great deals at Wal-mart
    # 1:45 AM – Talked to a Wal-mart employee and got ourselves a ticket for a 42″ LCD 1080p HDTV. Prices don’t change until 5AM
    # 1:50 AM – Figuring we are for sure to get the 42″ TV at Wal-mart we decided to camp out AT Target.
    # 2:00 AM – 6th in line at Target and 25 degrees out, it was freaking cold! see in the picture >>
    more at

    Eric Tan

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