Money By the Numbers

Posted by Madison on June 15, 2009


Photography: Numbers in Transport by James Cridland

My boys have been busy working on letters and numbers recently, so I thought it would be fun to follow up Personal Finance A to Z with an expanded money by the numbers and my favorite find in each.

Personal Finance: By the Numbers

1 Reason Not to Store Money in your Mattress: It gets taken to the dump.

2 Kids and the Cost of Having a Second Child: Things you don’t need… a shopping cart cover.

3 Old School Lessons To Make The Best of Today’s Economy: Learn to love the struggle.

4th Rule of the Millionaire: Set up automatic savings.

5 Money Smart Decisions To Start Your Career: Avoid the big screen TV.

6 Money Skills & Habits to Teach Your Kids Before College: Understand debit, credit & interest.

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Family Trip: Look for a vacation rental on Craigslist or VRBO.

8 Most Fuel Efficient Cars: 5 of the 8 most fuel efficient cars are hybrids.

9 Step Economic Action Plan: Increase your investments.

10 Things to Do When You Graduate Without a Job: Find alternative ways to make money in your field.

11 Little Steps to Better Finances: Check your money-emotion connection.

12 Frugal Wedding Ideas: Find out if friends are getting married around the same time as you and share wedding items.

13 Things Millionaires Do That You Don’t Do: Have shoes resoled or repaired.

14 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance: Recognize that insurance is for protection — not investing.

15 Awesome Time Management Tools and Apps: Free mindmapping tool at Mind42.

16 Great Money Saving Tips: Sex up the travel mug.

17 Creative Things to Do with Phone Books: Window wipes, fire starters, or garden mulch.

18 Secrets To A Successful Yard Sale: Schedule yard sales around the first of the month.

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