May 2008 Net Worth Update: +1.4%

Posted by Madison on June 3, 2008

May is slowly, but surely getting us back on track with our portfolio. Our portfolio increased 1.4% and brings us to 1038% total increase since the beginning of our dollar plan. The all time high for our portfolio was 1069% back in October.

2008 May Net Worth Total

In addition, our year-to-date return is now only -1.7%.

2008 Net Worth

Reflections on my portfolio this month

Since I decided not to take the early retirement my pension plan had a significant drop. Luckily some of our other investments made up for that.

Last month, Nickel wanted to know:

Do you have data going back through the bubble burst? Or does that pre-date your investing?

Since I started investing in 1996, I was working on putting together a graph for 1996-2002. Unfortunately, it looks like all the old data is stuck in an old version of Microsoft Money somewhere in storage!

Maybe someday when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll try to dig it out, because now I’m interested to see what it would look like!

May Performance Highlights

Individual Stocks

  • Best: Harley Davidson
  • Worst: Aqua America

Mutual Funds

  • Best: Spartan Extended Market Index
  • Worst: BGI US Debt Index Funds (Bond Index)

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Comments to May 2008 Net Worth Update: +1.4%

  1. Thanks for the mention. Considering the recent market actions, you’re doing pretty good!

    That One Caveman

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