Google Voice for Business Phone Service

Posted by Madison on December 10, 2009

Google Voice is my new favorite inexpensive phone solution for small businesses. We are full steam ahead in launching the new business by the end of the year. One of the needs in any small business is phone service.

Google Voice to the rescue. The service is free. You get a phone number (you can pick the number) and it will forward calls to the phones you select. So when someone calls, we can have the number ring both my number and my business partner’s number at the same time.

In addition, if the call goes to voice mail, we get a transcribed text message and email with the message.

Fantastic! Best of all, did I mention, it’s free? You can’t beat that. You can request an invite if you didn’t get one yet.

While we’re primarily using it for the business, you can also use another number for your personal number.

Next up, finding an inexpensive fax service. Any recommendations?



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Comments to Google Voice for Business Phone Service

  1. My father is going to start using Google Voice for work (he works from home twice a week and cell phone reception is weak in our area). Calls will be routed to his home phone instead of cell phone. Plus, it increases privacy and voicemails are much easier to handle.

    The one thing I dislike is that you can’t sign up for transcribing voicemails only to email. So I have a choice of a simple text message and email with no transcription or transcription in both, and getting four text messages for every voicemail is a little annoying.

    There are a lot of great uses for Google Voice, my favorite being adding your number as a “free calls to any number” account and getting all your calls for free without using any minutes!

    Daniel @ Sweating The Big Stuff

  2. Thanks for the link, Madison!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mandi @ Organizing Your Way

  3. I have wanted to look into this, my only concern is calling people back if I miss their calls. Do you know if I can call them back w/ the number they call me, or will it show them my real (and personal) cell phone number? Thanks!


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