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Posted by Madison on June 13, 2008

Blockbuster Total Access - 2 Week Free Trial

It’s Free Money Friday! My goal every Friday is to find a free money offer for you! Sometimes it’s free cash (like Revolution Money Exchange), sometimes it’s free offers (like the free magazines), and sometimes it’s for rewards (like $10 from Upromise).

Free Blockbuster Two Week Trial

This week the freebie is for free movies! Blockbuster is offering a Total Access Two Week FREE Trial. The total access program allows you to check out movies online and have them mailed to your house. There’s no late fees either.

How it Works

When you first sign up for the free trial you select movies that you want to see and prioritize them. The movies are shipped directly to your house. Then after you finish watching them you mail the movies back in the free return envelope.

Easy Way to Get Extra Movies

If you want to get additional movies you can exchange them for more movies at your local store while they ship some more out. The videos that you get at the store are in addition to the ones from your typical monthly plan.

Sign Up

During the sign up for the two week free trial they ask for your credit card so they can automatically bill you after the two weeks are up. Be sure to write down the date on your calendar and remember to cancel before getting billed.

Our Experience

Last year when we took a long road trip we brought along our DVD player. Since our kids don’t watch much tv, we didn’t have any videos to take along. That’s where I got creative. I signed up for a Blockbuster Total Access Two Week FREE Trial a couple days before our trip. We received a few videos for the trip. When we got home, I canceled the service. It worked like a charm!

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Comments to Free Blockbuster Movies

  1. Love the FREE MONEY Fridays. Keep ’em coming!

    I’ll have to check out Blockbuster. We have a very long trip planned at the end of this month (26 hours one way). Movies will be our only hope…(3 kids)


  2. @ Ron: I’m actually enjoying the free money Fridays too… I’ve found a couple new ones so I’m getting in on some of the offers too!

    You are brave. I don’t think we could do 26 hours… we’re nervous about 8!


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