$25 From Revolution Money Exchange

Posted by Madison on April 11, 2008

It’s Free Money Friday! What better way to end the week than to get some extra spending cash for the weekend?

Revolution Money Exchange is offering $25 to new users to sign up. The $25 offer has been extended until May 15, 2008. Update: Readers are reporting that the $25 is still working in June!

What is it?

Revolution Money Exchange
is similar to Paypal…. except there are no fees. (Although, Paypal clearly has them beat on the short name part!) You use the exchange to send money to other people via email.

To get your $25 out, be sure to link to a bank to do a transfer, otherwise there is a $2.50 fee to send a check. (Although, you would still have a $22.50 profit.)

Earn Referral Money

Once you sign up, you can refer friends and family to earn $10. So it’s $60 for a couple. For example, I signed up, then referred my husband. We both earned $25 and an additional $10. Although this one doesn’t work for kids: Persons under 18 years of age are not eligible.

Update: The $25 offer has ended, however, you can still refer your friends to get $10. In addition, there is now an Additional $15 Bonus From Revolution Money Exchange.

More information

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Comments to $25 From Revolution Money Exchange

  1. I hope you get quite a few referrals!

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂


  2. Is there a downside that you know of ? Like spam for the forseeable future, or selling of our information ? Thanks for the very cool tip !


  3. @ Todd: The only downside that I could find so far was the fee to get a check. Also, with it being relatively new, people may be more accustomed to using Paypal. Although whenever one of these new companies pops up I always try to use an different email just in case it all ends up in spam. I’ll let you know if I hear of anything.


  4. The biggest downside – and I’m not even sure it’s a downside – is that I don’t see anyone who’s taking RME as a payment option. So you may be wasting time and effort signing up for it. Google Checkout was at least aggressive about promoting merchants to use it, and that fizzled out.

    But I have high hopes for RME. PayPal has become ridiculously expensive!

    Brip Blap

  5. Do you have to send them a bank account number in order to get the bonus? (I’d like to use the $25 on Etsy.)


  6. @ SLR: Nope. I didn’t have to enter a bank account, and I was credited with the bonus right away. The only reason that you would need to enter your bank account is if you plan to withdraw your money and don’t want to pay the fee to have a check cut. Since you’re planning to use it on Etsy, you should be good to go (as long as the person you are dealing with uses RME).


  7. I signed up and recieved the instant $25.00 + $20 in referrals. I also sold and received payments from ioffer.com (totaling $668). I requested a transfer to my linked bank account and I have not received it yet. Its been 4 working days so far…I am still waiting for funds to show up in my bank account.Anyone else transfer funds to bank, how long did it take to post in ur bank account???


  8. @ tickman: I haven’t transferred my money to my bank account yet, but 4 days seems on the long side. Anyone else try to transfer to a bank account yet?


  9. Too bad this promotion is over.


  10. Is this promotion still valid??


  11. @ Patrick. Yes, it looks like the $25 sign up bonus is over. You can still get $10 for referring your friends.

    In addition, they are now offering an Additional $15 Bonus From Revolution Money Exchange to try their RevolutionCard. (that article will go live at 8:30 Central time today).


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