Here’s a great Free Money Friday offer for anyone looking to upgrade their computer or home entertainment system. OptionsHouse is offering 3 different sizes of Dell monitors for opening & funding a new account!

How to Get Your Free Dell Monitor

  1. Open an OptionsHouse account.
  2. Fund your account with one of the following promo codes:
    • For a 24″ monitor, fund with $5,000; use promo code DELL24.
    • For a 27″ monitor, fund with $100,000; use promo code DELL27.
    • For a 30″ monitor, fund with $250,000; use promo code DELL30.
  3. Get a Dell monitor!

OptionsHouse Terms and Conditions

  • The free Dell monitor promotion applies only to newly funded OptionsHouse customers who initially fund their account within 60 days of completing the application.
  • Only individual or joint OptionsHouse accounts, personal trust accounts, and business accounts are eligible. The promotion is not available for retirement accounts.
  • OptionsHouse reserves the right to debit any account that has received a monitor & has either closed the account or withdrawn assets below the minimum funding level within 180 days of original funding date.
  • Promotion expires July 31, 2011.

Monitor Values

To figure out how much the OptionsHouse offer is worth, we looked up the model and value of the monitors on Amazon:

Based on these prices, it looks like the 24″ monitor will provide the best return on your money (and it’s also the one that Madison is getting!)

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Comments to Free 24″ – 30″ Dell Monitors from OptionsHouse

  1. I know that you said the offer expires on July 31, 2011. It looks like OptionsHouse extended the deadline to December 31, 2011.

    HOWEVER, they made a couple of material changes: 1) the minimum deposit for the 24″ monitor increased to $10k, and 2) they added a trading requirement. As I read it, you have to make 15 commissionable trades within 90 days before they send you the monitor.

    I’m glad I got my monitor before they implemented these changes.


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