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FatWallet Cash Back

Recently, I asked What is Your Favorite Cash Back Program? [1] A reader, Simon [2], pointed out that I forgot FatWallet!

I often mention the FatWallet Finance forums [3] as one of my favorite places to hang out. But, as Simon reminded me, FatWallet also has a special place in my heart for earning cash back!

Let’s explore the FatWallet cash back program for Free Money [4] Friday.

How to Earn Your FatWallet Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a FatWallet account [5].
  2. Shop for products using FatWallet Shopping [6].
  3. Redeem your cash back by PayPal or a check.

FatWallet Cash Back Details

Minimum Redemption. If you want to cash out your account by check, there is a $10 minimum. Paypal doesn’t require a minimum.

Payments. Cash back payments are processed weekly; it’s one of the quickest cash back programs.

Attach a Note. My favorite feature at FatWallet is the ability to attach a note. When you click on a cashback offer, you can put the details of the purchase. I usually put a high level description of what I’m buying and who it’s for so it will jog my memory down the road.

Finding Deals

In addition to the cash back, I also find that FatWallet is a helpful place to shop and research online. Between Today’s Top Deals [7], the Coupon Search [8], and the Hot Deals forum [9], the savings add up!