What is Your Favorite Cash Back Program?

Posted by Madison on June 19, 2009

What is your favorite cash back program? That’s what a reader, Howard, wants to know. He brings up a great point:

I’m sure mathematically, it might make sense to pick the optimal program every time. For those of us who don’t wish to keep track of so many, do you recommend one over the others?

For Free Money Friday this week, let’s rank our favorite cash back programs!

I’ll publish the results soon to give Howard, and others, an idea of which programs people like the best. I’ll also tell you which programs are my favorites.

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Cash Back Poll

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Comments to What is Your Favorite Cash Back Program?

  1. Thanks!


  2. You forgot FatWallet.


  3. I accidentally just chose one.

    Well, MyPoints is kind of hard to credit. It’s not actually a cash back deal.

    For actual cash, I rely on Ebates and Inbox Dollars, which you didn’t include.

    MyPoints is great, as is Swagbucks, but they don’t actually get you $$. Still great for Christmas presents and the like!

    Generally, the way I do it is, before I buy anything, I check Ebates, Inbox Dollars and MyPoints. Then I evaluate which will give me the best amount back. It only takes a minute but…

    I think Ebates is slightly better than Inbox Dollars for referrals, at least. You get $5 per. And Inbox only gives you a percentage, which tends to be a few cents at a time. On the other hand, Inbox Dollars allows you to read email for money. Most of my money comes from that. Slow, yes, but requires almost no work on my part!


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