New Envaulted Cash Back Program

Posted by Madison on January 7, 2011

Envaulted is a new cash back company offering you 1% on all your credit card purchases and additional cash back at select retailers. was launched in August 2010 and they are currently operating in Beta mode. It’s our Free Money Friday offer this week.

How to Earn Your 1% Cash Back

  1. Sign up for an Envaulted account while beta invites last*.
  2. Register up to three credit cards.
  3. Get cash back by check once a month when your account balance is $10 or more.

*You’ll have to act quickly to grab a beta spot. I emailed the COO and he let me know that Envaulted just opened up their last 250 beta spots. After those are gone, they plan to close the program for a period of time. Once they run out of beta spots, they will start a mailing list to notify you when they reopen.

How to Earn Additional Cash Back

You can earn more than the initial 1% by taking advantage of the sponsored deals. Some of the deals that appealed to me right off the bat were 3% at Costco and 4% at Macy’s. I also found the 8% at Taco Bell funny since a meal there is only like $2! To get the extra rewards, you just have to use one of the cards registered to your account either online or in store.

Envaulted Terms and Conditions

  • The per transaction limit is calculated up to the first $1,000 of each transaction. Standard rewards receive a maximum of $10 (1% on $1,000) for each transaction.
  • Envaulted only allows credit card registration. Debit (including check cards) are not supported today.
  • You’ll need to give Envaulted your user id and password for your credit card account to access your purchase information. They will then monitor the transactions using Direct Connect (Quicken access).
  • Members must be human beings. (I thought that was a funny one!)

Update: I received a question about the terms and conditions above. If you are concerned with the idea of giving a user id and password to another company, I suggest you skip this offer. However, I will also remind you that nobody questioned the idea of giving the same information to, Yodlee, or Quicken; each of those companies was also a start-up at one point too. You always need to evaluate what you feel is the best choice for you personally.

Stacking Cash Back

Stack Cash Back. You can stack the cash back with other cash back credit cards, like the 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards to maximize your cash back.

Double Stack Cash Back. In addition, since the special offers and cash back don’t require you to click through a shopping portal, you should be able to stack it with other cash back programs when shopping online for even more money.

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Comments to New Envaulted Cash Back Program

  1. Wow, thanks. I just signed up and already have over $5 in earnings. Too bad it wasn’t there for both the couch and the fridge I just bought.


    • I know what you mean! If only I’d found out about it before all of my holiday shopping!


  2. Thanks for this post! I just signed up as well. This company seems to be similar to Offermatic, which also offers cash back and deals once in a while.

    Wealthy Immigrant

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check out Offermatic, since a couple people have recommended it lately.


  3. Thanks for the heads up! Any additional cash back helps. Signing up now!

    20 and Engaged

  4. I just set this up.

    While Envaulted said I should call Chase to set up Direct Connect (necessary for it to work), you really need to sign into your account online (they didn’t offer to do it over the phone).

    Unfortunately Chase hides this option from its customers well.

    You have to click on the fourth tab, Customer Center. At the bottom of the page you should see a section called Reference Center. On the right side, under that you’ll see a Tools menu and then a link for
    “Activate Money, Quicken, etc.” Click on that and it should take you to a page to activate it.

    Chase, it makes perfect since to put that account option under the Customer Center/Reference Center… rather than say in a section of “Account Options”… Grrrr…

    Lazy Man and Money

    • Thanks Lazy!

      These instructions will come in handy for everyone who is signing up today!

      I wonder why they made it so hard to find?


    • I enabled quicken direct connect a while ago, and I havent gotten charged any fees from Chase. It’s nice


  5. They don’t appear to support any of my cards, I have a Discover Card and a Schwab Cashback Card (now handled by Fia Card Services). Looks like I’m taking a beta spot up for naught.


  6. This is going to add a whole other dimension to what is the best cash back!! I do wish they supported more cards though. Hopefully that will come soon.


  7. I’m in the same boat as Barrett above…FIA, Bank of America, and Discover are all not currently supported.


  8. Interesting! How does the cash back work? Are there any fees or different rate on the cashback?

    Discover does something similar and there are no fees if you pay it back before the statement date. They will charge you for ATM use though. I wonder if envaulted is similar.

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Being able to “roll up” cash back rewards into a single program seems like a pretty killer idea. As long as the card issuers go along with it and don’t kill it by staying away or quashing their membership down the road.

    Steve Sildon

  10. Envaulted is definitely my new favorite cashback program. I’ve been a member now for two months and I’ve already earned about $100 cashback. I’ve requested my first check and should be receiving that soon. One question I have though is that is says on the site: “*Your cash back reward will be screened for ineligible purchases, including gift cards, before we send it to you.”. Has anyone had experience with a portion of their Envaulted being deemed ineligible?


  11. Envaulted has been out out of commission since January. 🙁


    • I know, I am so bummed…


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