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New Envaulted Cash Back Program

Envaulted [1] is a new cash back company offering you 1% on all your credit card purchases and additional cash back at select retailers.

Envaulted.com [1] was launched in August 2010 and they are currently operating in Beta mode. It’s our Free Money [2] Friday offer this week.

How to Earn Your 1% Cash Back

  1. Sign up for an Envaulted account [1] while beta invites last*.
  2. Register up to three credit cards.
  3. Get cash back by check once a month when your account balance is $10 or more.

*You’ll have to act quickly to grab a beta spot. I emailed the COO and he let me know that Envaulted just opened up their last 250 beta spots. After those are gone, they plan to close the program for a period of time. Once they run out of beta spots, they will start a mailing list to notify you when they reopen.

How to Earn Additional Cash Back

You can earn more than the initial 1% by taking advantage of the sponsored deals. Some of the deals that appealed to me right off the bat were 3% at Costco and 4% at Macy’s. I also found the 8% at Taco Bell funny since a meal there is only like $2! To get the extra rewards, you just have to use one of the cards registered to your account either online or in store.

Envaulted Terms and Conditions

  • The per transaction limit is calculated up to the first $1,000 of each transaction. Standard rewards receive a maximum of $10 (1% on $1,000) for each transaction.
  • Envaulted [1] only allows credit card registration. Debit (including check cards) are not supported today.
  • You’ll need to give Envaulted [1] your user id and password for your credit card account to access your purchase information. They will then monitor the transactions using Direct Connect (Quicken access).
  • Members must be human beings. (I thought that was a funny one!)

Update: I received a question about the terms and conditions above. If you are concerned with the idea of giving a user id and password to another company, I suggest you skip this offer. However, I will also remind you that nobody questioned the idea of giving the same information to Mint.com, Yodlee, or Quicken; each of those companies was also a start-up at one point too. You always need to evaluate what you feel is the best choice for you personally.

Stacking Cash Back

Stack Cash Back. You can stack the Envaulted.com [1] cash back with other cash back credit cards, like the 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards to maximize your cash back.

Double Stack Cash Back. In addition, since the special offers and cash back don’t require you to click through a shopping portal, you should be able to stack it with other cash back programs when shopping online for even more money.