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Do You Have a Black Friday Story?

We all know I’m in love with Black Friday! Whether it’s shopping resources for the big day [1], getting free stuff [2] or shopping online [3], I think it’s such a fun event.

However, since we’re out of town, I didn’t do my usual routine. Hopefully, I’m still sleeping. (OK, I have two toddlers, that would never happen!)

Here’s what my typical routine looked like in prior years:

  • Up at 3:35
  • Out the door at 3:40
  • Meet my mom at 3:55
  • In line at 3:56
  • First store at 4:00
  • Next set of stores opening around the mall at 5:00, 6:00, and 6:30
  • Hit the mall by 7:00
  • Done with shopping and off to breakfast by 9:30
  • One last store on the way home
  • Home before 11:30

This year would have been so much fun now that we have a CVS [4] and a Costco [5] in town.

Last year I missed Black Friday because we had a newborn. So we’ll see what next year’s plans look like!

Share your Story!

I love to hear about Black Friday! What time did you get up? Which store did you hit first? Which free items did you pick up? Tell me all about it.

Share your story in the comments!

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