DirecTV at Two Houses, Real Estate, and Investing

Posted by Madison on October 8, 2009

Did you know you can get DirecTV at two houses on the same account? Crazy.

I took the two little kids for a weekend visit to Michigan. My grandma used to live there; after she passed away last year, my extended family now uses it for vacations.

My uncle, who was visiting from California, had DirecTV installed while we were there. It turns out he just added the house in Michigan to his account. Apparently, it’s just like adding an extra receiver at your house. They can then call DirecTV to switch to the local channels of whichever house they’re at.

I had no idea this was possible. I find it fascinating! It’s an incredibly cheap way to get satellite at your second home!

Did you know this was possible?


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Comments to DirecTV at Two Houses, Real Estate, and Investing

  1. I just talked with Direct TV who said that it was fraud to have two different billed accounts on one home where you got some sort of a discount. This has been going on, the representative told me, for a while and they have been firing anyone cought offering this and taking down the service and sending a bill to those to had it. So you might want to really check this out before you try it.

    Larry Paulding

  2. @ Larry: Wow! I’m surprised that they offered this to my uncle then. They even said he could call and switch the local channels whenever he wanted. I wonder if it’s because it’s a vacation house, so you would never be at both places at the same time?


  3. Congratulations on hitting one million visitors!!

    Single Guy Money

  4. i did not know about the directv thing. i should try it out


  5. Congrats on reaching a million visitors! What a great milestone.

    In the Money

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