WTDirect $200 Bonus Offer

Posted by Madison on August 25, 2010

Since we all have WT Direct accounts from their huge bonus offers back in the spring, it’s time to beef up the amount of money you have in your account for some extra bonuses!

It’s our double dose of early Free Money offers this week since both the Citi $50 Sign Up Bonus & 10% off AT&T Service and this offer expire on Friday!

WT Direct sent me an email with the following offer. If you are currently a WTDirect customer too, look for the offer in your email.

How to Get Your $200 Bonus

  1. Find your email from WT Direct with the offer in it. Here’s what mine was titled so you can search for it: “WTDirect – Earn More Interest and up to $200 Cash!” I got the email on August 12.
  2. Build your savings by August 27, maintain it through November 27 according to the chart below.
  3. Get your bonus on or about December 10, 2010.
Balance Bonus
$10,000 $50
$20,000 $75
$30,000 $100
$40,000 $150
$50,000 $200

WTDirect Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is available to the recipient only and is not transferable.
  • Deposits must be made via electronic (ACH) transfer received by 8/27/10.
  • Bonus is determined by the account balance on 8/27/10, and that balance cannot decline through the end of the promotional period.

If you don’t have a WTDirect account yet, but want to open one so you can take advantage of future offers, you can open one at: WT Direct.

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Comments to WTDirect $200 Bonus Offer

  1. At 0.5%, the $10k bonus is the best. But for what is essentially a 3-month CD, that’s not much of a deal for holding an investable chunk of money. Even my credit union pays 4% on my emergency fund. Better off looking for other bank deals like the Chase one paying $100 for opening and holding a $100 checking account.


    • Chris, you’re right, it’s definitely not the best bonus we’ve ever seen! Although, one of the reasons I liked it was since the timing will line up nicely with the 5% Certificates at Pentagon Federal starting just after this one runs out.

      Which credit union are you using for 4%?


  2. I’m always hesitant chasing percentages with long-term lockups. The 4% account (formerly 6% pre-2008) is at http://www.schoolsfirstfcu.org.....rsaver.asp. It has limits, DD required, and comes out annually, but is free and works for me. There’s also a free 5.12% HSA at http://www.sffirecu.org/checki.....s-accounts. You just can’t find free semi-liquid savings accounts that high these days!


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