I’ve been noticing a trend lately of a new way that companies are tricking us into paying more for products. Well, it’s not really a new system, but rather it is an old system that they have realized can be applied to their business model to make more money. What is this method and have […]

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4 Steps to Turn Around a Financial Failure

Posted by Don on September 1, 2016

Have you recently failed with your finances? Maybe you got yourself into credit card debt or you took out a loan on a new car and no longer want the car. Whatever your specific case may be, don’t let this one financial failure, or any previous financial failure, determine your financial future. You can overcome […]

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6 Things to Consider Before Moving

Posted by Kristen on August 18, 2016

Choosing a place to live is daunting. I’ll be relocating with my husband soon, and trying to come up with where we are heading next is overwhelming. There are many reasons you might be considering a move to a different city, state, or even country. Looking for a change of scenery, more job opportunities, wanting […]

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Skip These Expenses to Cut Your Spending

Posted by Don on August 9, 2016

When you look at your budget, how many of your expenses are reoccurring? Most of them tend to be. You always go shopping for groceries, and you always have that car payment. How great would it be to skip out on some of these expenses from time to time? Obviously there are some expenses you […]

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How to Figure Out Whether Or Not You Can Afford It

Posted by Don on March 15, 2016

When you are shopping for a new item, a car, an appliance or even a house, if I were to ask you if you could afford the item, how would you answer? I’m not asking for you to tell me yes or no, you can or cannot afford it. Rather I want to know why […]

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Should You Buy an Extended Warranty on a Car?

Posted by Don on July 22, 2015

For many purchases in life, the warranty that comes with the product from the manufacturer is sufficient. But there are times when you want an additional warranty on top of the standard warranty that the item comes with. While in many cases, the extended warranty is a money ploy for the retailer, there are times […]

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10 Things to Consider Before You Buy Something

Posted by Adrienne on July 13, 2015

Before I make any purchase I go through a series of questions. Here are 6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make a Purchase. These questions and some additional considerations help me to decide if I need to make the purchase and how to do it most cost effectively. This process works for things both […]

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For the rest of time, the debate between buying a home versus renting will never be solved. This is because everyone has a unique set of circumstances and as a result, makes the decision a personal one. But let’s say that you do decide to buy a house. Do you know all of the costs […]

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6 Creative and Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

Posted by Adrienne on May 6, 2015

If you’re in the time of your life where all your friends seem to be getting married en masse then you could easily spend a small fortune on wedding gifts. Here are some personal and frugal ideas that will be appreciated by the bride and groom without breaking the bank. (Photo Credit: fabprom/Flickr) Creative and […]

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We like to compare ourselves to others all of the time when it comes to finances. We see what our neighbors are driving and wonder how they can afford that. We see the private schools our friends send their children to and wonder how they can afford that. The problem with comparing yourself to others […]

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