6 More Steps to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

Posted by Kristen on October 10, 2013

Over the last few weeks, you took steps towards improving your financial health. As we mentioned earlier in How to Improve Your Finances When You Don’t Know Where to Start, many don’t take action with their finances until they are in terrible shape. Getting out of debt or trying to save more money can be […]

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6 More Ways to Improve Your Finances

Posted by Kristen on September 23, 2013

Last week you took the first steps to improving your finances in How to Improve Your Finances When You Don’t Know Where to Start. Like I mentioned last week, you don’t have to have to win the lottery or get a giant promotion to change things. Whether you’d like to get out of debt or […]

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Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. I find this most applicable when I hear people complaining about their finances and their money and the lack thereof. I know a lot of people who always seem to be saying they don’t have enough money, are […]

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5 Overlooked and Expensive Home Repairs

Posted by Don on May 6, 2013

Buying a house is for many people the largest purchase we will make in our lives. During the home buying process, many of us get caught up in the excitement and don’t think about all of the increased expenses we will incur as a result of purchasing the home. For me personally, I didn’t realize […]

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You Think You’re Saving Money… But You’re Not

Posted by Kristen on March 5, 2013

Do you feel proud of yourself when you and your family manage to save money on something? I know I do. But here’s the problem: sometimes we get so caught up in finding a good deal, getting a great bargain on something, and saving money, that it actually is costing us more money, and we’re […]

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What are Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions?

Posted by Kristen on December 31, 2012

With the new year almost underway, it is that time when many people make their new year’s resolution. Most often, people vow to lose weight and start working out or quit a bad habit that caught on over the years, but what about a resolution for your finances? Whether we like it or not, our […]

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Emergency Funds 101

Posted by Adrienne on September 19, 2012

Before we get into this whole emergency fund article I have something to admit. I used to think they weren’t important. In fact I didn’t have one (or even try to build one) for many years. I figured I had plenty of available credit (first on credit cards and later in home equity lines) and […]

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Are Automatic Payments Secretly Costing You Money?

Posted by Amanda on December 28, 2011

I opened up my credit card statement the other day and was surprised by one of the charges that I saw: $115 from AT&T. We get our high speed internet and cable from AT&T and have been quite happy with the service. The cost normally did not bother me because my husband’s company reimburses us for […]

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The English language is constantly changing. New products are invented, new situations arise, and new ways come about that people interact with their world. The English language morphs to accommodate these new situations. However, not every new word is included into the Merriam-Webster or Oxford English Dictionary. In fact, very few words are actually added […]

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7 Rules for Successful Pre-Buying

Posted by Jill on May 3, 2011

I do my best to maximize credit card rewards, take advantage of reward and loyalty programs and generally stretch my dollars as far as possible without spending too much time doing so. So when I read Madison’s post about Envaulted, a cash-back program that gives you 1% back on credit card purchases plus bonuses on certain […]

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