Best of My Dollar Plan: October

Posted by Madison on November 3, 2016

Last month our most popular finance tips were about giving your money meaning, trying out a new way to pay your mortgage with a credit card, overhauling your financial life, getting around the 5/24 rule and taking advantage of big sign up bonuses for a huge application spree.

If you missed the most popular finance tips last month, here’s a quick overview:

Most Popular: October

Huge $5,325+ Credit Card Application Spree. This was by far my most exciting application spree! I can’t remember another time when so many oversized bonuses were all available at the same time.

How to Overhaul Your Financial Life in 10 Years. Don shares that when you are working on turning around your finances you should see monumental change at the ten year mark.

Use Plastiq to Pay Mortgage or Rent with a Credit Card. Even though the promotion rate expired earlier this week, you can still use Plastic to earn credit card rewards on paying your bills that typically don’t accept credit cards.

Why You Need to Give Your Money Meaning. Do you wish you were saving more? Finding a way to give your money meaning could be the extra boost you need.

How to Get an Exception to the Chase 5/24 Rule. Looking for a way around Chase’s 5/24 rule to take advantage of new cards from Chase? Here’s more on the rule and how to get an exception.

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