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Best of My Dollar Plan: April

Last month our most popular finance tips [1] were the results on a year of selling a private label product [2], details on the Social Security wage base increase [3], identifying your biggest expense and turning it into a profitable business [4] and how to maximize and leverage the IHG hotel sign up bonus [5].

If you missed the most popular finance tips last month, here’s a quick overview:

Last Month’s Most Popular Tips: April

How I Earned $16,755 Selling a Private Label Amazon Product [2]. The results from selling private label products on Amazon [6] are in. A breakdown of the income and why I think it’s boring!

Social Security 2017 Wage Base Increase [3]. Earnings over the tax wage base are not subject to social security taxes. Once you cross the wage base, it means more money in your pocket.

Can You Turn Your Biggest Expenses into a Profitable Business? [4] For most people the top four expenses are: housing, debt expense, taxes and retirement savings. What happens when another category is dominating your spending and what can you do about it?

IHG Hotels 60,000+ Point Sign Up Bonus [5]. How to turn the sign up bonus in 16 free hotel nights with point breaks [7] and earn even more points by maximizing [8] the New Q2 IHG Accelerate Promotion [9].


We had a great run with Digit [10], saving over $3,000+ [11]. However, Digit is no longer free! They’ll begin charging a $2.99 monthly subscription in July! Time to move your money elsewhere [12]!

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