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Six Ways to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Posted by Kristen on August 2, 2012

Attending college is a great way to educate yourself and get the job you want. Whether you’re going right out of high school or going back to school for a career change, college is expensive. Between tuition, housing expenses, and books and supplies, you can easily be in debt for many years after you get […]

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12 Things to Stop Doing to Save Money… Right Now!

Posted by Kristen on July 23, 2012

To get your finances in great shape and save more money, there are a lot of things you should start doing. For me, I started keeping better track of my spending, started clipping coupons and watching for deals, and started earning more than I spend. But with all of these things you can start doing, […]

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6 Ways to Deal with Student Loan Debt

Posted by Kristen on July 16, 2012

When I graduated with a degree in Journalism, I was thrilled to be done with college, start working, and move on. Then, a few months down the road, I got my first student loan bill. And suddenly all of the loans I took out over the past several years for tuition and living expenses were […]

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7 Ways to Enjoy Wine and Craft Beer on a Budget

Posted by Kristen on June 21, 2012

Enjoying craft beer and wine doesn’t have to mean spending too much money. Wine and beer may be one of the first things people cut out when they’re trying to be more financially conscious and trim the budget, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to learn about and drink wine and beer […]

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14 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Posted by Kristen on May 21, 2012

Most people believe that passing on restaurant dining and fast food can save a good amount of money. And in many cases, that is right. But what people don’t realize is that this is only true if you know how to shop at a grocery store and are scoring the right deals. If you’re wandering […]

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Frugal Foodie: 6 Alternatives to Dining Out

Posted by Kristen on May 2, 2012

As soon as people start making a budget or trying to save more money, the first item to usually take a dive is going out to dinner. And I don’t blame them. With appetizers, desserts, drinks, and the tip, one night out can quickly add up to being a whole week’s budget for food. But […]

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