Amazon $20+ Off $50 Purchase via Amex Offers

Posted by Madison on April 4, 2018

Here’s a great deal you can maximize at Amazon, but it won’t last long! If you want it, you’ll need to act quickly.

Normally, I wait until Friday to post deals, but this one has huge potential, and it won’t be around on Friday… it’ll likely be gone before then since enrollment is limited.

American Express is giving out 2,000 membership rewards (worth $20+) when you spend $50 at Amazon.

How to Get Your $20+

  1. Log into your American Express account online and look for the Amazon offer under your Amex offers.
  2. Add the offer to your card.
  3. Use your registered card to spend a total of $50 or more online at by May 31, 2018.
  4. Receive 2,000 membership rewards from American Express within 90 days.

American Express Terms and Conditions

  • Limit of 2,000 additional Membership Rewards points per Card.
  • Offer valid only for purchases made at and via the US Amazon mobile app using your enrolled American Express Card.
  • Excludes corporate gift card and custom-designed gift card purchases. Offer not valid for Amazon Local, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Home & Business Services, Amazon Currency Converter, Home Services, Prime Photos, Amazon Inspire, Amazon Video Direct, Amazon business, Amazon Global, or Amazon Drive.

More on Amazon Offer

Another Way to Add Amex Offer. I couldn’t find the Amazon offer listed for any of our cards. However, this method via reddit worked like a charm. Go to and readd one of your Amex cards to your online account. During the confirmation process an Amex Offer will populate to add to the card. I was able to add the Amazon offer to one card on each of our accounts.

Use Multiple Cards for Multiple Credits. If you do find the Amazon offer in the standard list, don’t forget to open a tab for each American Express card you have before adding the offer to your card (otherwise it disappears for all other cards once you add it to the first card).

Multiply the Offer. I use our Schwab Amex to cash out membership rewards at a 1.25 multipler. That makes the 2,000 points in this offer worth $25. Depending on how you use your membership rewards, this offer could be worth $20-$25+.

Redeem for Something You’ll Keep. Your membership rewards can be reversed if the purchase is returned. As always, buy something you will keep!

Amazon Gift Cards? The terms exlcude corporate gift card and custom-designed gift card purchases. I purchased Amazon Gift Cards and selected the standard option. I immediately received the confirmation email from Amazon that my offer was redeemed.

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