A Sneak Peak at our Real Vacation Home Photos

Posted by Madison on April 28, 2011

We just got back from Spring Break and a week relaxing at the new lake cottage! I promised I’d share pictures as soon as we got back.

I know many of you enjoyed the April Fool’s Day picture of a house falling apart, including the comment from a reader, Pamela:

To us old house junkies, it didn’t seem so bad. A little structural shoring up, a new roof, jacking up the foundation… Can’t wait to see the real one.

I’ll leave the structural shoring and foundation jacking to Pamela and Bob Vila, since I have exactly zero talents when it comes to home repair!

However, we did enjoy the lake, sitting in the hot tub, drinking wine, and relaxing for the week! We’re already counting down until we can head back down in a few weeks.

As promised, you can check out all of our lake cottage photos!



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Comments to A Sneak Peak at our Real Vacation Home Photos

  1. Wow that’s a really nice place, congrats!


    • Thanks Cecil! We’re loving it so far!


  2. Gee, it doesn’t look like it needs any work at all! What are you going to do with all your free time? Enjoy the hot tub and fireplace? 🙂

    But seriously, it looks like a lovely home. I hope you get a lot of pleasure from it.


    • Nope, no work! Too bad, huh? You’re right, I guess we’ll have to enjoy it!

      Thanks for sharing in our excitement, Pamela!


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