The First Picture of Our New Vacation Home

Posted by Madison on March 31, 2011

A reader, Philip, wanted to know: “Will we see pictures of your new vacation home?”

Of course Philip! We’re so excited now that our offer was accepted and can’t wait for everyone to see the new place:

What do you think? I did say it was a foreclosure, right?

Happy Early April Fools’ Day! I had to sneak one in early this year, since I know Free Money Friday isn’t anything to joke about!

Don’t worry, we don’t have any real pictures yet, but we’ll take a bunch when we go down in a few weeks, and we’ll share them soon!

Picture credit: Lee Cannon


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Comments to The First Picture of Our New Vacation Home

  1. You totally had me there for a second! Nice one, but glad that’s not your real vacation house… 🙂


  2. You have some nice April Fool’s jokes 🙂


  3. To us old house junkies, it didn’t seem so bad. A little structural shoring up, a new roof, jacking up the foundation…

    Can’t wait to see the real one.


  4. It might have a million dollar view? Cool


  5. Hah… you really had me there for a second. Granted, I haven’t been following your blog before… so I thought perhaps you did by a foreclosed house that looks like that. Maybe the inside is nice??? 🙂

    By the way, I saw you are going to the Personal Finance Bloggers Conference. I just signed up today to attend as well. 🙂 I look forward to meeting you there!

    Her Every Cent Counts

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