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Should We Move to a Smaller House?

Posted by Madison on June 15, 2011

Most of you know that I’ve had a burning desire to downsize for years. A comment from a reader, Dora, really stuck in my mind. They were spending $4000 a month on their mortgage: My family (myself, husband, 2 year old, and 6 mo. old) are downsizing. We have lived in a 5800 sq. foot […]

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10 Ways to Maximize Craigslist Revenue

Posted by Jill on June 14, 2011

When I decided to move to Texas, I also decided to sell all of my furniture and just ship my belongings home. Most of my furniture was from either IKEA or Overstock – it was one of the ways I saved money when I first started working and had to set up a brand new […]

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Citi Thank You Premier $300 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on June 13, 2011

It looks like the credit card wars are on for the summer! Citi didn’t let much time pass before rolling out their own huge sign up bonus to match the current Chase Sapphire deal. Just to keep you on your toes, we’re doing a special Free Money Monday this week. Citi is offering a $300 […]

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Merrill Edge $100 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on June 10, 2011

This weeks Free Money Friday deal is for $100 when you open a new Merrill Edge investment account. Thanks to Keerthi for submitting this deal! How to Get Your $100 Sign Up Bonus Open a Merrill Edge Cash Management Account by August 31, 2011. Fund the account with at least $25,000 in securities or cash […]

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Ask Madison: Reader Mail Volume 4

Posted by Madison on June 9, 2011

It’s been awhile since I answered reader mail, opting instead to send personal emails when I can. However, some of the emails would probably benefit others. While I was on vacation, I skimmed through some of the recent emails; here are a couple reader questions that might be of interest to readers: Very interested in […]

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How to Barter for What You Need

Posted by Amanda on June 8, 2011

During the recession an ancient form of economy made a comeback: bartering. Bartering occurs at the household, business, and country level. According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, based in Portsmouth, Va., more than $16 billion of goods from US companies alone were bartered in 2008. Worldwide, the figure is much higher. The motivation behind […]

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I’m Buying a Car… Help!

Posted by Jill on June 7, 2011

So…I’ve officially relocated to Texas! I’ve mentioned several times that I didn’t own a car in DC. It was a great way to reduce my expenses, contribute to environmental conservation efforts and get in a bit of daily exercise. On the east coast, public transportation is a way of life…in Texas, we drive. And like so many other […]

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6 Defects Our Detail-Oriented Home Inspector Missed

Posted by Amanda on June 6, 2011

We became first-time homebuyers in September 2009. What an exciting time it was for us! We had just gotten engaged several months earlier, decided to pay cash for our wedding and honeymoon, and decided in the meantime to place a decent down payment on a home. We were also able to take advantage of the […]

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Betterment $25 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 3, 2011

Looking for a new, simple place to invest? This week’s Free Money Friday offer from Betterment may be for you! Betterment is offering a $25 sign up bonus for 5 minutes of your time. How to Get Your Sign Up Bonus Open a new Betterment account. Make an initial deposit of at least $250 within […]

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5 Potential Costs of a New Job

Posted by Jill on June 2, 2011

Are you thinking about switching jobs? As the job market starts to loosen up just a little bit, unhappy and underpaid workers everywhere are considering brushing up their resumes to submit applications. Nearly everyone who seeks to switch jobs attempts to get at least a small raise…but a small raise might not be enough if the […]

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