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WTDirect $50 to $250 Signup Bonus

Posted by Madison on December 12, 2008

WTDirect is offering up to $250 in their Winter Bonus blast promotion. Since it’s Free Money Friday, it’s time to cash in! How to Get Your Signup Bonus Open a new WTDirect savings account and use the code WTG3DNC. Link your new account to your existing bank account. Fund the account by December 22, 2008 […]

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Snow, What I Want for Christmas, and More!

Posted by Madison on December 10, 2008

After 7 inches of snow, yesterday was our first snow day of the year! This year was supposed to be more mild than last year (when we got more than 100 inches of snow!), but it’s only early December and we already have 16 inches on the ground… on pace with last year… Announcements 529 […]

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How to Take a Loss on an IRA

Posted by Madison on December 9, 2008

We all know that you can’t take a loss on an IRA…. or can you? I’ve been investigating the possibility of closing out Scott’s Roth IRA and taking the loss. How IRA Loss Deductions Work You can deduct a traditional or Roth IRA loss as a miscellaneous itemized deduction. However, there are some conditions that […]

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Holiday Giveaway

Posted by Madison on December 8, 2008

Sorry, this giveaway is over. However, if you want to buy gift cards for a fraction of their value, check out Plastic Jungle! You can even sell or swap your existing gift cards, too. Happy Holidays from My Dollar Plan! Scott and I want to share some of our holiday cheer and give gifts to […]

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VistaPrint Holiday Card Deals

Posted by Madison on December 4, 2008

Back in July, I ordered some checks from Vista Print. They were dirt cheap and had quick shipping. I figured someday that I’d write about them as a cheap place to buy checks. Holiday Products I just got an email from VistaPrint that they are offering some great deals on holiday products. What caught my […]

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Wishlist Brings Amazon Back and More

Posted by Madison on December 3, 2008

We just got home from our Thanksgiving vacation visiting the in-laws. Even though I missed the Black Friday festivities, and the horribly sad Black Friday death, I did manage to check out the online deals last Friday. I scored new sheets for the bunk beds the kids are getting for Christmas. I was able to […]

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Roth IRA Q & A

Posted by Madison on December 2, 2008

The Roth IRA can be a very powerful vehicle to save for retirement. I’ve been getting a lot a questions lately about the Roth IRA and thought it would be helpful to share them in a Q & A format. My wife and I both opened a Roth IRA account with $4,000 each. Can we […]

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Is Your Credit Application Affected By Your Job?

Posted by Madison on December 1, 2008

The following is a guest post by Tisha Tolar. Special thanks to Tisha for filling in while I’m on vacation. As the economy continues to remain unstable, it seems for many that all four walls are starting to crumble. Facing more struggles paying bills, worries about job loss, and even concerns about day to day […]

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