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Wishlist Brings Amazon Back and More

We just got home from our Thanksgiving vacation visiting the in-laws. Even though I missed the Black Friday festivities, and the horribly sad Black Friday death [1], I did manage to check out the online deals last Friday.

I scored new sheets for the bunk beds the kids are getting for Christmas. I was able to use ebates [2] to sweeten the deal (which is my new favorite cash back program!)

We had a great time relaxing and I was even able to catch a girlie movie. Don’t worry, we saved money by going to a matinée [3]. Although, since when is an afternoon movie $6.50 per person? Geesh!

Thanks to Tisha for guest posting while I was on vacation. If anyone is interested in future guest posts, let me know. (We’ll be taking some more time off around Christmas.)

Wishlist Brings Amazon Back

Now that I’m back, I’m fired up about the American Express Wishlist [4]. They brought Amazon.com back!! If you win one, you get 25% off! That makes holiday shopping at Amazon [5] irresistible!

Personal Finance

The most interesting article this week was about Winning A Million Dollars Then Filing For Bankruptcy [6].
The lady that won $1 million on the tv show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? pledged to donate all the winnings to various schools. Unfortunately, her husband’s home building company failed and they are now filing for bankruptcy.

Giving It Away: How to Donate Your Used Stuff [7]
Everything you need to know about making donations this holiday season.

Prospective Home Buyers, This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime – Don’t Screw it Up [8]
A look at the positive side of the home buying market. A nice change since normally all we read about is gloom and doom.

U.S. Economy Officially in Recession [9]
It’s finally official. We’ve been in a recession since December 2007.

Save Money On Skiing [10]
I live in snow country, so any post about skiing just warms my heart…. especially when it’s about saving money. However, the concepts could apply to many other sports, too.

The Frugal Billionaires [11]
I love to read about someone worth approximately $31 billion that still drives a 1993 car. Pure inspiration!

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