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How to Handle Irregular Paychecks

Posted by Madison on June 16, 2008

I recently discussed with a friend how to handle irregular paychecks. Her husband is a teacher and will be getting a lump sum payment at the beginning of the summer. She was concerned about how to make the money last. It reminded me of a couple other situations, such as how we handled my 5 […]

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Free Blockbuster Movies

Posted by Madison on June 13, 2008

It’s Free Money Friday! My goal every Friday is to find a free money offer for you! Sometimes it’s free cash (like Revolution Money Exchange), sometimes it’s free offers (like the free magazines), and sometimes it’s for rewards (like $10 from Upromise). Free Blockbuster Two Week Trial This week the freebie is for free movies! […]

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Create Your Own Dollar Plan: Step 6

Posted by Madison on June 12, 2008

By now you’ve put in a lot of work defining your goals, prioritizing them and calculating the costs. It’s finally time to implement! Here’s the steps we’ve already covered: Step 1: Brainstorming Step 2: Assigning Numerical Values Step 3: Calculating Total Cost Step 4: Reflecting on Priorities and Values Step 5: Fit Your Goals To […]

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We don’t live anywhere near a flood plain; however, after this weekend, I’m tempted to get flood insurance. Nearby Lake Delton vanished in two hours! When the 267 acre lake drained it took several homes and a huge amount of tourism revenue with it. It’s completely unbelievable! The homes were not in a flood plain […]

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We Sold My Car! What Worked and What Didn’t

Posted by Madison on June 10, 2008

After going back and forth about selling my car, I finally said goodbye to the car last week. It was a little sad, because I loved that car! But since the kids didn’t fit, it truly wasn’t working. Here’s a recap of the sale process and a summary of what worked and what didn’t. Getting […]

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May 2008 Net Worth Update: +1.4%

Posted by Madison on June 3, 2008

May is slowly, but surely getting us back on track with our portfolio. Our portfolio increased 1.4% and brings us to 1038% total increase since the beginning of our dollar plan. The all time high for our portfolio was 1069% back in October. In addition, our year-to-date return is now only -1.7%. Reflections on my […]

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