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Tips and Tricks for Financial Organization

Posted by Madison on February 13, 2008

In our million dollar credit limit article, readers asked how I keep organized with 89 credit cards. I introduced the series of my organizational system in my billpay and anti-filing system. As I shared, Microsoft Money is the center of my strategy. Here’s my tips, tricks and troubleshooting for using Microsoft Money Home and Business […]

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2008 Budget Series: Vehicles

Posted by Madison on February 12, 2008

We just finished putting together our goals for 2008. Each year after finalizing our goals we put together a new budget for the year. In this series, we’ll take a look at how we budget, how we use it and our budget by category. How We Create the Budget We use last years budget as a […]

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Big Goals for 2008!

Posted by Madison on February 8, 2008

It’s February and I’ve finally decided on our goals for the new year. Last year, outside of our main dollar plan goal I made just one new years resolution: to stop couponing. This year, I’m putting together a few more that I’d like to work on. Instead of rushing into them on January 1, I’ve […]

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TaxAct 2007: Free Efiling Software

Posted by Madison on February 7, 2008

Tax time is getting closer! I actually enjoy doing my taxes and find it a fun challenge to make sure we’re taking advantage of all the tax savings strategies available to us. I’m almost done collecting tax papers according to my organized list. I’m now ready to start entering my data. Usually I use either TaxCut or TaxWise […]

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January 2008 Net Worth Update: -3.7%

Posted by Madison on February 4, 2008

Our portfolio declined by 3.7% for the month of January. The total percent increase since the beginning of our dollar plan is 1010.9%. Factors Since the total market was down in January, so is our portfolio as we use a total market approach to investing. As always, 2 plans in our portfolio have not reported results yet. I […]

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Groundhog Day Saves You Money

Posted by Madison on February 2, 2008

Today is a special day for a friend of mine. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day they go out for a special date for Groundhog Day. It’s a great idea to avoid the crowds and save some money since many of the restaurants raise their prices for the special Valentine’s Day menu. I hope the Groundhog announces spring […]

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Stay Home or Go Back to Work: The Results

Posted by Madison on February 1, 2008

I put together a comprehensive list of all the financial considerations to help determine what the impact would be if I stay home from work. Readers added the things I overlooked. It’s not a decision I’m making lightly. My husband and I have been discussing it at great lengths, sometimes in circles. Thanks for all […]

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