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January 2008 Net Worth Update: -3.7%

Our portfolio declined by 3.7% for the month of January. The total percent increase since the beginning of our dollar plan [1] is 1010.9%.


Since the total market was down in January, so is our portfolio as we use a total market approach [2] to investing. As always, 2 plans in our portfolio have not reported results yet. I have updated those accounts for December 2007, which dropped the year end results for 2007 to 18.8%.

I received a match in my 401k plan in January, although it was very small due to poor 2007 performance at my company and a lower amount to match on because I have been on leave since last fall.

Finally, we have made very few contributions to our accounts in January. Those should pick up in February once I return to work [3] and we begin some of our investment snowflaking [4].

January Performance Highlights


Mutual Funds

Action Plan

It’s still very early in the year to worry about any declines in our portfolio. However, I’m working on our 2008 financial goals (which you’ll see later this week) and I will be including at least one initiative to contribute some additional funds to our investments.

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