Groundhog Day Saves You Money

Posted by Madison on February 2, 2008

Today is a special day for a friend of mine. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day they go out for a special date for Groundhog Day. It’s a great idea to avoid the crowds and save some money since many of the restaurants raise their prices for the special Valentine’s Day menu.

I hope the Groundhog announces spring is here, I really can’t handle much more winter…. we’ve had just over 58 inches of snow to date!

Now, onto the roundup…. here’s the best of the personal finance world for the week:

Rocket Finance coordinated a series on Home Finances: Mortgages & the Real Cost of Ownership including my article on why we have an adjustable rate mortgage.

In Your Wallet

How To Guard Against Identity Theft in 5 Easy Steps at Not Made of Money. My favorite tip: Inspect your credit card receipts to be certain that they don’t disclose your entire credit card number.

Making a Just One Club card from The Wallet Hack. This is a great idea! Now I don’t have to carry around a bunch of loyalty cards anymore…. although some people may add a new card with the plans for a new Social Security debit card.


How Do Finance Professors Invest? Turns out 2/3 use low cost index funds. That sounds very similar to my approach or another very simple investment portfolio.

Along the lines of education, the 2008 Financial Times MBA Rankings came out this week, once again naming the Wharton School number one.  

Also check out a great site I recently found out about educating kids on money: It’s a Habit.

Your IRA

You still have a couple months to fund your 2007 IRA; I’m starting to fund mine via investment snowflaking. If you’ve already funded your 2007 IRA and you are working on your 2008 IRA here’s the changes you should know about.  

Other articles I liked:


Since I was busy with the money matters series last week, we have two weeks of Carnivals to catch up on: 

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Comments to Groundhog Day Saves You Money

  1. My wife and I plan on going out right around Valentine’s Day, but not the night of. There are too many people to deal with. In my opinion, just sharing in each other’s company is the spirit of the “holiday” so that is what we plan to do. Just on our terms! 😉

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂


  2. My husband and I are going out on the 15th. Our church is giving the young families free babysitting. Can’t beat that! Plus my husband has to work at a concert on the 14th.

    Thanks for mentioning the CoMS!

    Lynnae @

  3. My D and I are both in the restaurant industry so we will most likely be working Feb 14th. If we can’t be together, we might as well be making money, keeps us from spending money.

    Tag! You’re it!
    I tagged you with a book meme, it’s a fun one!

    Take Care


  4. Thank’s for the tip, sounds like fun actualy.
    Another good tip, especialy now that gas prices are so fierce,
    you could save on your gas by checking it out.

    Moranda Celt

  5. We’ll probably go out the day before to avoid all the crowds. It’s up the the wife though.

    Thanks for the linkey!!


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