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10 Surprising Things You Can Turn Into Cash

Everyone has made a set amount of money up until this point in their lives, some of which is still liquid (cash in a savings account or wallet), and some of which is spent and gone (car, clothes, food consumed last week).

But what about taking some of the things you have from the money you have spent and converting them back into cash? Or how about taking some of your everyday habits and making money [1] from them? It’s like giving yourself a pay raise or reclaiming some of your hard earned money.

Things You Can Trade in for Cash

There are many ways you can turn everyday items into cash and some things that are surprisingly valuable you may not have thought of before. You probably have plenty of items and things you can trade in for money. You probably also have other things that you can recycle or donate for money.

10 Things to Turn Into Cash

  1. Gift Cards: If you have gift cards lying around, or received one you don’t have a use for, sell it for cash to Cardpool [2].
  2. Broken Electronics:  Used iPods, iPhones, video games, GPS systems or cameras can be traded in for a Target gift card [3] (cash this in using the tip above). MDP reader Andrew also added that laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other items can be traded in at Gazelle [4].
  3. Broken Appliances: Take these to your local scrap metal facility. I tried this and earned $0.32 per pound! The price fluctuates over time.
  4. Wire Hangers: Some dry cleaners will take these back in exchange for cash (the one near us offers $0.25 per hanger).
  5. Curbside Recycling: Some trash companies have partnered with RecycleBank [5], a curbside recycling company that rewards your recycling efforts with points earned by the number of pounds recycled per week!
  6. Cars that Do Not Run: These can also be scrap metaled, or you can donate them to charities for a tax deduction at the end of the year.
  7. Black Walnuts: Have a walnut tree? Drop your fallen walnuts off at Hammon’s [6] who will pay you a per pound rate (look in the lower right hand corner and see where the nearest drop-off location is for you). A reader Kellley also added that you can sell pecans and there are feed and seed stores that will buy them by the pound.
  8. Empty Printer Cartridges: Office Depot and Staples will give you around $3 per printer cartridge (check to see if it is store credit or cash), and TonerBuyer [7] will pay cash.
  9. Internet Searches: Do your internet searching with Swagbucks [8], and randomly earn bucks that can be claimed for gift cards as well as cash (paid into your PayPal account).
  10. Carpooling, Biking, and Telecommuting: Sign up for the NuRide program [9], and log in the miles that you carpool/bike/telecommute to redeem for gift cards or cash.

What are some surprising items you have found to turn into cash?

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