We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled holiday gift guide series to bring you a reminder of all things frugal: the Festival of Frugality!

And there’s no better time to focus on frugality than just before your spending kicks into high gear with the holiday season upon us. (Don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow to continue the gift guide series.) And now:

Festival of Frugality: Thanksgiving Grocery Price Edition

Thanksgiving Turkey

source: antonellomusina

In the spirit of Kate’s Editors pick, 8 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, the theme of this week’s Festival of Frugality is Thanksgiving grocery prices. Rock bottom Thanksgiving grocery prices.

Since I’m carefully tracking prices in my once a month shopping/cooking adventure, I thought it would be fun to share the lowest prices I bought our Thanksgiving groceries for this year. Check out the prices throughout the festival of frugal articles and let me know if you’re finding something lower!

Holiday Money-Saving Tips

Turkey: $0.58 per pound

Chicken Broth: $0.33 for 14 oz

Cutting Costs

Sweet Potatoes: $0.99 for 3 pounds ($0.33 per pound)

Russet Potatoes: $1.49 for 10 pounds ($0.15 per pound)

Frugal Living

Pumpkin in the can: $0.99 for 15 oz

Butter: $1.99 for 16 oz


Cream of Mushroom Soup: $0.59 per can

Cranberries: $0.99 for 12 oz

What are the lowest prices you are finding for Thanksgiving groceries?

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Comments to Festival of Frugality: Rock Bottom Thanksgiving Grocery Prices

  1. Turkey at 0.49 c/lb!!! There are four, yes four, turkeys in our freezer right now! We’ll be having turkey until Easter, hehe.


    • 49 cents??? Ifi, that’s incredible! Here I thought my 58 cents was a deal. Good for you for filling the freezer. I bought a 20 pound turkey this morning, and I’m thinking of going back for another one…


      • You should! Think about making ground turkey too, if you can. With all this turkey, I’m trying to be creative on how to use it 🙂 Turkey ice cream anyone? lol.


  2. Innovative layout/theme for this edition of the Festival! Thanks for including my submission.


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