3rd Quarter 2015 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Posted by Madison on June 24, 2015

3rd quarter cash back is here and it’s focused on gas, travel, and my favorite… Amazon.com! It’s time once again to get all the cards organized, activated and into a regular rotation. In addition, now that we have the opportunity to double our Discover it Cashback to 10%, the Discover card will be huge in […]

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Discover it 10% Double Cashback

Posted by Madison on June 12, 2015

Discover just rolled out a new double cashback promotion with their Discover it Sign Up Bonus. The good news? The double cashback promotion is available for existing cardholders and it doubles our quarterly rotating cash rewards to 10%! Happy Free Money Friday! How to Get Your Double Cashback Call (1-800-DISCOVER) or send a message to […]

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Chase Freedom Sign Up Bonus Doubled to $225+

Posted by Madison on June 5, 2015

Chase Freedom just doubled their sign up bonus! We use our Chase Freedom cards often for the quarterly 5% rotating cash rewards cards. Currently the 2015 Chase Freedom Rewards Calendar shows restaurants for second quarter 5% cash back and gas stations for 3rd quarter. The $200 refer a friend promotion is doubled (normally the bonus […]

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Sallie Mae 5% MasterCard & $25 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on May 22, 2015

Last time I updated the quarterly 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards MDP Reader Krial pointed out that the Sallie Mae card from Barclaycard was missing. Krial said: It has 5% gas, 5% groceries, and 5% bookstore (Amazon) year-round (with monthly caps). We tend to rack up more cash back on that card than any […]

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After the big American Express Platinum 150,000 Point Sign Up Bonus when you spend $20,000 in 3 months, MDP reader Pete asked “But how do you spend $20,000 in three months?” Great question Pete! It’s obvious for a gigantic spending requirement like that we would all need some sort of plan to “spend” that much […]

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$750 + 240k Point Credit Card Application Spree

Posted by Madison on May 19, 2015

I recently finished another application spree! I usually try to plan 3-4 application sprees a year to take advantage of sign up bonuses. I sign up for a handful of my favorite credit card sign up bonuses at the same time. It’s not for everyone, and it has to be done very carefully; but if […]

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American Express Platinum 150,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on May 14, 2015

American Express is giving out a huge 150,000 point sign up bonus. This deal expires tomorrow, so I wanted to celebrate Free Money Friday early to make sure you get a chance to take advantage of this deal today! The spending requirements are steep and the annual fee is outrageous, but after doing the math […]

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Chase Ink Plus $600+ Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on May 8, 2015

The Chase Ink Plus Business refer a friend bonus is back! For the next two weeks the Chase sign up bonus is 60,000 points; normally it’s 50,000 points. It’s one of my favorite bonuses, since you can pair it with a referral for even more points! It’s a big Free Money Friday! How to Get […]

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Discover it Miles 3% Cash Back Card

Posted by Madison on April 24, 2015

The new Discover it Miles is rolling out with a first year offer to double your miles. During the first year, you’ll earn 3 miles on each dollar. They call it a miles card, but the redemption for cash back and travel is the exact same. A mile is worth of 1 cent, which makes […]

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Earn a Profit Paying Your Taxes with a Credit Card

Posted by Madison on April 14, 2015

The processing fees to pay your taxes with a credit card are steep, but if you are earning more cash back than the fee you have to pay, it’s a money maker. I routinely pay taxes with credit cards to earn cash back when I have a card with a sign up bonus. Last year […]

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