This week’s Free Money Friday is a replacement for an old favorite! After Bing discontinued their cash rewards program, they’re back with Bing Rewards!

Thanks to a loyal reader, Keerthi, for giving us a heads up on the new Bing Rewards program!

How to Get Your Bing Credits

  1. Sign up for Bing Rewards using Internet Explorer.
  2. Download the Bing toolbar and register with a free Windows Live ID.
  3. Earn 250 credits.
  4. Redeem your credits for rewards, including gift cards to Starbucks and Amazon!

Bing Terms and Conditions

  • Limit one 250 credit bonus per person and per computer.
  • Microsoft doesn’t sell, lease or rent information to third parties.
  • Must have a Windows Live ID for tracking purposes.
  • You cannot download the Bing bar using Mozilla Firefox.

More on Bing

How it Works. You can earn more Bing credits by searching with the Bing toolbar, setting your homepage to Bing or trying out new features of Bing. Once you have enough credits to redeem for a reward, redeem your credits and have your rewards ship free.

Rewards. You can select from a wide range of Bing rewards with some starting at less than 250 credits.

Sign Up for Bing

If you’re here looking for a Bing affiliate program to promote on your website, you can sign up with this Bing affiliate program.

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Comments to Bing Rewards 250 Credit Sign Up Bonus

  1. I signed up for this two weeks ago and have been diligently maxing out my rewards daily. I have redeemed all my points thus far for Microsoft Points (to be used with the Xbox 360). Unfortunately, despite ordering last week, I have yet to even receive an email from the program.


  2. Wayne, ugh – I hate when programs don’t send you a confirmation email right away! Keep us updated on how long it takes.

    It would be good to know in case people want to order things to use as holiday gifts!


  3. i got my 600 ms points in 2 minutes from bing but i use my phone to serch bing and receve e-mails


  4. Took mine 30 mins.


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