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Bing Rewards $5 Amazon Gift Card Sign Up Bonus

This week’s Free Money [1] Friday is an old favorite! Bing Rewards [2] has temporarily increased their sign up bonus to 550 credits!

The timing is perfect since you can redeem your 550 bonus credits for a $5 Amazon Gift Card [3].

It’s quick and easy and you can have five accounts per household. Since we have five people in our household does that mean 5 x $5 gift cards?

How to Get Your Bing Credits

  1. Create an Outlook account [4].
  2. Sign up for the Bing Rewards [5] bonus point offer.
  3. Earn 550 credits.
  4. Redeem your credits for rewards, including $5 gift cards to Starbucks and Amazon.
  5. Get your gift card in 24 hours.

Bing Terms and Conditions

  • All Program users must have a valid Microsoft account.
  • Please note that if you choose to open an InPrivate browsing session with Internet Explorer (or a similar program with another browser), you will be signed out of Bing Rewards for that session and unable to earn credits.
  • You may not maintain more than one Program account (“Account”). Each household is limited to five Accounts.
  • The value of the Rewards you receive in a calendar year may not exceed $500.

More on Bing

Be Patient. I had to refresh my browser a few times before I saw the 550 points. Just when I had almost given up, I filled out my address in the profile and my 550 points showed up! I’m not sure if you actually need to enter your address… or if you just need to be patient!

How it Works. You can earn more Bing credits when you search using Bing [2]. You just need to be signed into Bing while you search.

Rewards. You can select from a wide range of Bing rewards [2]. Of course, I chose the Amazon Gift Card; I’m hoping to catch something good on the Amazon Movers & Shakers [6] list today!

Source: SlickDeals [7] via Doctor of Credit [8].