Finance Tips: Ways to Save on the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Posted by Madison on September 22, 2013

As the summer comes to an end, be sure to put some of these great finance posts on your reading list!

Did you know yesterday (Saturday, September 21) was the last day of summer this year? Let’s take one final look at summer before the leaves turn and we head into fall!

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Summer Favorites

In case you missed them, here were some of our favorite articles at My Dollar Plan this summer:

Finance Reads

8 Ways to Save on the Cost of Prescription Drugs – Since we know that medical costs can really add up, here are some good tips on how to save on at least one component of them. -Money Crashers

Choosing the Right Credit Card for Your Needs – As kids you know left for college this year, it’s not a bad idea to have them read this before they start to think about using credit cards. -Lazy Man and Money

Types of Insurance Homeowners Need – If you’ve recently bought a house and are wondering about your insurance needs, this is a very informative read. -CashMoneyLife

How to Maintain Your Career When You Move A great read for anyone considering moving because of a spouse’s job or any other personal reason. -Go Girl Finance

The Finances of Homeschooling – A really interesting read on some of the financial components of homeschooling your kids. -MoneySmartLife

Is Social Media Costing You Money? – Given how much time people find themselves spending on social media, you may be eager to read this article! -MoneyNing

5 Advantages of the Dividend Investing Strategy – Another great read on dividend investing! -Million Dollar Journey

Carnival of Personal Finance – Kristen wrote about How to Save Money on Textbooks in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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Comments to Finance Tips: Ways to Save on the Cost of Prescription Drugs

  1. Nice articles, thanks for the list. I can’t believe summer is already officially over. As much as I enjoy fall, I don’t really like winter so it kind of sucks that fall is already here. Hopefully the weather stays decent for at least another month or two.

    Jake @ Ca$h Funny

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