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Sucked Back into Obsessive Couponing

Remember a few years back when it was my resolution to stop couponing [1] since I’d become such a compulsive obsessive couponer?

I did great for a few years and bought whatever we wanted. Then our food budget started to creep up [2].

I started ordering from Peapod [3] and when the driver told me they accepted internet coupons I began printing grocery coupons [4].

Printing coupons was obviously my tipping point. Once I started to get the thrill of saving 50%, 70%, or even 80% of our grocery bill it all went into coupon overdrive.

Obsessive Couponing

I have a confession to make. Now I’m hitting our grocery store twice a week to take advantage of double coupons, printing more coupons [4], and following the weekly coupon matchups for our local store [5]. (You can find your own local store matchups through the BeCentsable directory [6]).

But it didn’t stop there. In addition, I got a cheap newspaper subscription from Discounted Newspapers [7], just for the coupons, and yesterday I broke down and ordered some coupons from the Coupon Clippers [8].

I can feel myself turning obsessive about it again, even though I promised myself I’d just do it in a low-key way. Obviously I have one of those all-or-nothing type personalities.

The good news? I cut our grocery bill by $200 last month!

Do you have any money saving habits that you get compulsive about… or is it just me?

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