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Finance Tips: Self-Made Millionaires Have Their Eggs in 3+ Baskets

I’m a big fan of diversifying your income. This week our finance tips [1] highlight the success of multiple streams of income, saving money, a new crowdfunding idea and more!

Featured Finance Tip

Self-Made Millionaires Have Their Eggs in Many Baskets [2] – 65% of self made millionaires have three streams of income. -Rich Habits

Finance Tips

How to Budget Without Actually Sticking to a Budget [3] – A four step plan to create good habits and automate savings. – Mom and Dad and Money

The Surprising Lifetime Cost of Car Ownership [4] – It costs $8,876 per year to own and operate an average car; over 50 years, it comes to $443,800. – Dough Roller

Hang These Graphics on Your Fridge to Never Waste Food Again [5] – Avoid wasting food by tracking expiration dates using printable fridge guides. -Lifehacker

How to Eat on Less Than $1.00/meal [6] – A real life example, including receipts! – Budgets are Sexy

11 Retailers Where You Can Negotiate a Lower Price [7] – What? You can negotiate at Costco? -WiseBread

Real Estate Crowdfunding Experiment – Patch of Land [8] – Patch of Land is one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms. Have you experimented with real estate crowdfunding? -My Money Blog

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