Net Worth Update: November 2007

Posted by Madison on December 7, 2007

Our accessible net worth is down -1.6% since last month. However, it’s still up 18.2% for the year. Meeting our goal of 21.6% for the year is still possible.

Nov 07 nw ytd

Here’s our best and worst holdings in annual % returns for stocks and funds held all year:

Individual Stocks

  • Worst Harley Davidson -34.34%
  • Best Exxon Mobil 19.66%

Mutual Funds

  • Worst Vanguard Reit Index -12.00%
  • Best EAFE International Index 15.29%

We did an overhaul on our portfolio earlier this year; many of the funds with large gains are excluded from the above list because we no longer hold them. However, they are included in the total return percentage.

The 2007 goal is a step in our complete 14 year dollar plan. Three accounts have not yet updated this month. In addition, dividends for DRIP plans this month have not yet been recorded. Because of the accounts that update late, the October numbers are adjusted slightly from our October net worth update.

Check back next month to see if we meet our goal for 2007.

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Comments to Net Worth Update: November 2007

  1. Nicely done – Who would have thought Exxon would be up that much? Year after year I think people ask the same question! 🙂 Nice post!


  2. @ Hank: I would have never guessed it would keep doing so well either! Pleasant surprise. Hopefully it will keep going.


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