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Comments to Mother’s Day Gifts, Gas Prices, Retirement and More!

  1. Ouch! What happened to the phone? My wife has the Centro as well, and for awhile her battery wouldn’t hold a charge at all. Then, all the sudden it started holding a charge again. The problem lasted a week or two. It was weird and we were about to go buy a new battery.

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂


  2. Great links, thanks for including me. That “snowforting” article was a good one! I told Lazy Man he could now consider himself a “financial guru” because he coined a new term.

    Frugal Dad

  3. Thanks for mentioning my post.

    Happy Mother’s Day in advance to you.


    Four Pillars

  4. Are you dropping some hints to the hubby with the Mother’s Day gift links? 🙂

    Thanks for the mention!

    Jeff@MySuper-Charged Life

  5. Thanks for the link back to the carnival. Sorry to hear about your phone. Sounds like you have the protection plan?


  6. Dude, what happened to your Centro?

  7. @ Patrick and fivecentnickel: Two words… baby slobber!

    @FFB: No protection plan, that’s just the charge that Sprint offers for warranty replacement.


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