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H&R Block Free Federal Premium Tax Filing

H&R Block [1] is hooking up readers with free federal tax filing today.

It’s our Free Money [2] Friday deal this week!

H&R Block gave me six free activation codes for the Federal Premium version [1], so I’m giving them away to readers.

How to Get Free H&R Block Codes

  1. Leave a comment below by Friday January 21, 9 am CST.
  2. In your comment, tell me what you hate most about taxes!
  3. I’ll email the winners (drawn randomly) with the H&R Block codes.

More on H&R Block at Home

You probably remember the tax software, TaxCut. In case you missed it, H&R Block changed the name from TaxCut to H&R Block at Home [1].

I happily used TaxCut for many years before I started my tax preparation business and switched to professional software.

H&R Block Code Terms and Conditions

  • Each key code is a one-use code.
  • The product is the Federal Premium version [1], valued at $49.95.
  • The codes are valued at $55 each which should also cover sales tax for the redeemer.
  • Entering the key code will “wipe out” $55 from the total owed. (The total might also include the cost of one or more state filings which would cost additional fees.) Each state filing is $34.95.

Why You Hate Taxes

Tell Me Why You Hate Taxes. Even if you don’t need the H&R Block codes for tax filing, let us know why you hate taxes! I hope to feature the comments in a future post.