How to Score Groupon Deals

Posted by Madison on July 9, 2010

Last week, a friend of mine turned me on to Groupon, when they had 50% off at a kid’s restaurant we go to weekly. Now I’m hooked. It’s one of my new favorite deal sites. We’ll explore Groupon to celebrate Free Money Friday.

The idea behind Groupon is essentially buying in bulk. If you got one hundred of your closest friends to buy something at a store, of course they’d offer you a discount. Groupon facilitates it for you.

How to Groupon

  1. Sign up for Groupon.
  2. Get an email each day with the Groupon offer.
  3. Sign up for offers you like by midnight each day; if enough people sign up, you get in on the deal.

Groupon Details

Local Deals. Groupon deals are local, so you’ll see businesses in your area. Here are the Groupon deals in your area:

Refer Your Friends. Once you sign up, you can also refer your friends. You’ll get $10 Groupon bucks when your friend gets their first Groupon.

Have you used Groupon? What do you think?

Sign Up for Groupon

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Comments to How to Score Groupon Deals

  1. I love, I have been purchasing since April & found it an easy way to purchase food & attractions for towns that we visit often like San Diego & Phx.
    It helps reduce the cost of vacations if I have already purchased groupons for Food & places to visit. LOVE IT.


  2. Love groupon too! My sister told me about it when it first showed up in NY. She also showed me where I can sell my unused groupons (because I definitely buy more than I need! )


  3. this is a great article, i just wonder how desperate you really are for some free groupons! wow… i thought i was insane for posting links on yelp and other sites, but this… this is just great! keep up the good (cough) work!


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