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How to Score Groupon Deals

Last week, a friend of mine turned me on to Groupon [1], when they had 50% off at a kid’s restaurant we go to weekly. Now I’m hooked. It’s one of my new favorite deal sites. We’ll explore Groupon to celebrate Free Money [2] Friday.

The idea behind Groupon is essentially buying in bulk. If you got one hundred of your closest friends to buy something at a store, of course they’d offer you a discount. Groupon [1] facilitates it for you.

How to Groupon

  1. Sign up for Groupon [1].
  2. Get an email each day with the Groupon offer.
  3. Sign up for offers you like by midnight each day; if enough people sign up, you get in on the deal.

Groupon Details

Local Deals. Groupon [1] deals are local, so you’ll see businesses in your area. Here are the Groupon deals in your area:

Refer Your Friends. Once you sign up, you can also refer your friends. You’ll get $10 Groupon bucks when your friend gets their first Groupon.

Have you used Groupon? What do you think?