Free Efiling and a Frugal Christmas at the Carnivals

Posted by Madison on December 20, 2007

Lots of Christmas themed articles at the Carnivals this week. Here’s each carnival, my article and one of my favorite articles from the other writers.

Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Debt Reduction

Festival of Frugality 

Tax Carnival

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Comments to Free Efiling and a Frugal Christmas at the Carnivals

  1. Thanks for the link!


  2. Thanks so much for the mention!

    Free From Broke

  3. You can also file online for free in 2008 if you made under $54,000 in 2007. The IRS is opening up this option in mid January 2008. Check out the IRS website for more details:,,id=118986,00.html


  4. @Steward: Great reminder. I used this program for a family member a few years ago and it worked really well.


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