Flashback: One Year Ago… May 2008

Posted by Madison on May 27, 2009

Another year has passed, which people remind me about frequently, since I’m turning 30 this month. I thought it would be fun to see what was happening one year ago, here at My Dollar Plan!

Here were the most popular articles from last May. Obviously, many of them are still very relevant today, even though the economy has changed considerably from a year ago.

Popular in May 2008

  1. Plan Ahead: 6 Steps to Secure Your Financial Future
  2. Credit Card Arbitrage Q&A
  3. Turn Your Wasted Money Into a Debt Reduction Plan
  4. 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers
  5. Frugal Tips I Can’t (or Won’t) Do
  6. What Happened to My Cell Phone?
  7. It’s Wedding Season! Tips to Keep the Costs Down
  8. Free Magazines: Finance, Business, and More!

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