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Finance Tips: Financial Principles from a 34 Year Old Millionaire Investor

We found a bunch of interesting personal finance articles [1] on the web this week, ranging from baby toys to real estate. Make sure to check them out!

Photo Credit: wearitdotcom [2]

Finance Reads

5 Financial Principles from a 34 Year Old Millionaire Investor [3] – I think it’s easy to see why this article caught my eye! -Million Dollar Journey

Who Really Needs Your Social Security Number? [4] – I read this with interest as it seems everyone asks for your SSN these days and giving it out can make you more susceptible to identify theft [5]. -MoneyNing

The Best Frugal Baby Toys I’ve Found [6] – This will definitely be of interest to any new parents! -Lazy Man and Money

Car Troubles – Repair or Replace It? [7] – When your car gets to be a certain age, I think this is a question everyone starts asking themselves. -CashMoneyLife

My Real Estate Objectives and Strategy [8] – It’s been interesting to see FMF’s real estate strategy unfold over the past year or so. -FreeMoneyFinance

4 Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes [9] – A quick read that anyone who is thinking of refinancing should make sure not to miss. -MoneySmartLife

How To Stay Healthy When You’re On A Budget [10] – Since food is such a big budget item, when you start slashing costs [11] in that category, it’s easy to start reaching for cheap, unhealthy replacements. This had some great tips on how to stay healthy even while reworking your budget. -GoGirl Finance

Carnival of Personal Finance [12] – Kristen wrote about how How to Deal With Debt Collectors [13] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.