Lately all my free time has been dedicated to launching the next part of our business. The majority of the start-up work will be done by the end of the month. Once it is reviewed, I’ll let you know if we get to release it to the public or not! It will be nice to finally get some sleep again!

I have been awaiting my economic stimulus rebate check since I was in the first set of checks. I haven’t gotten it yet, so I found How to Track Your Stimulus Payment very helpful. Unfortunately, I read the fine print and you have to wait 6 weeks. Since I filed my taxes just before the due date, I’ll be waiting a little longer.

My Favorite Articles of the Week

Our Experience Staying In A Rental Earthship Home In Taos
We’ve considered converting our house to solar power. Reading about this house that uses no utilities made me want to look into it again. It’s amazing to read about how it works!

Chrysler’s Cheap Gas: Trick or Treat?
Have you seen the Chrysler commercial offering gas at $2.99 for three years? Is it a good deal? Great analysis of the advertising scheme.

How to make money without a job and why you should
“Spend less than you earn is the wrong way to think!” What? Isn’t this what people have claimed to be a basis of personal finance? Check out the reasoning…

Investing in the Stock Market Over the Past 10 Years: How Did Dollar-Cost Averaging Fare?
Great graphs comparing the fate of the S&P 500 over the last ten years in lump sum investing versus dollar cost averaging.

The Need for a Local Emergency Savings Fund
Do you need to have some of your emergency money housed locally instead of online? We use credit cards, so I haven’t run into this often, however, whenever we need a large sum of cash (to buy a craigslist item for example) it is nice to have a local bank nearby.

By the Numbers

Other articles I enjoyed this week:

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