$7 Dosh Sign Up Bonus with $10 Referrals

Posted by Madison on February 16, 2018

Dosh is a cash back app – one without coupons or the need to take pictures of your receipt.

Dosh is giving out extra bonuses right now. If you stack it, there’s a potential for some easy free money.

Dosh normally gives out $5-$7 as a sign up bonus and $5 per referral. They have increased referrals this week to $10.

Each account needs a phone number; I opened 6 accounts for the users in our household in one quick sitting to earn $92! We have lots of phone numbers after scooping up the Sprint free plans. If you have multiple phone numbers, this is really where you can make some money with this deal!

The deal is our Free Money offer this week!

How to Get Your $5-$7 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Open a new Dosh account.
  2. Link a credit card for a $5 bonus.
  3. Link 2 more credit cards for $1 each.

How to Get Your $10 Referrals

  1. Refer your friends Dosh by February 19, 2018 at noon PT.
  2. Each friend must link a credit card to earn their $5-$7.
  3. Receive a $10 bonus for each friend.

Dosh Terms and Conditions

  • There are currently no fees for the Services, but we reserve the right to charge fees for the Services in the future.
  • Each individual user of the Services may only have one Account.

More on Dosh

No VoIP Phone Numbers. I use a Google Voice as my main phone number. However, when I entered it, it rejected it as a VoIP number. You will need to use actual carrier phone numbers to enroll.

Multiple Phone Number Referrals. I sent a Dosh referral to each of the phones in our house, downloaded the app and immediately earned a $10 referral once I linked a credit card. For 6 lines earning a $7 bonus each and 5 $10 referrals, I earned $92!

Source. Travel in Points has some great ideas about what to do with a household that is churning or changing phone numbers freqently!

Minimum Cash Out. The minimum to cash out your account is $25.

Limited Daily Sign Ups. Sign up early in the morning since there’s a daily limit. I had no problem signing up our accounts at 8 am.

Earn Cash Back. After your bonus to earn cash back, just use the linked credit card at the restaurants and stores listed in the app. You can also use it as a portal for online shopping to earn cash back.

Travel. An additional offer popped up to earn $25 for your first hotel booking using Dosh.

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Comments to $7 Dosh Sign Up Bonus with $10 Referrals

  1. I read the Dosh terms of service agreement and discovered that their refund program and probably others like it, may issue you a 1099-MISC on the total refund amount disbursed to you each year. I had not thought about that before for ‘free money’ things like this.


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