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What is the Child and Dependent Care Credit?

What is the Child and Dependent Care Credit?

  • The Child and Dependent Care Credit is a nonrefundable tax credit [1] available to qualifying individuals who have paid costs for child care or care for a dependent [2] within the same year.
  • The payments must be made to a care provider. This cannot include your spouse, other children, or any of your dependents that may be providing care.
  • The total expenses that qualify for the credit are limited to $3,000 for one child or $6,000 for two of more children.

When and Where is the Child and Dependent Care Credit Used?

  • If you paid for the care of your child, you can qualify for this credit. Children qualify if they are under the age of 13-years-old.
  • If your spouse or other dependent is physically or mentally unable to take care of themselves, you may qualify for the cost of care.
  • You will need to reduce the credit by any amount of dependent care benefits [3] that are provided by your employer.
  • You may only qualify for this credit if you are a custodial parent. Even if you are a noncustodial parent claiming an exemption [4] for the child or children, you cannot qualify for this credit.
  • You can only qualify for this credit if you paid for care while you or your spouse was working or looking for work.

Child Dependent Care Credit

  • The expenses claimed can’t be more than your earned income [5] unless you or your spouse are a full-time student.
  • If you’re married, you must file jointly [6].
  • To claim this credit, you can use Form 2441 [7] on 1040 [8] or 1040a [9].

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