Over the next two weeks, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the health care bill and how it might impact your finances. Today, we’ll cover how the bill will change the insurance landscape for those in their 20s. Health Insurance for Young Adults A few days ago, we talked about the new individual mandate […]

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Will You Get a $250 Medicare Donut Hole Check?

Posted by Amanda on June 15, 2010

We’re continuing our look at the health care bill and how it might impact your finances. Today we’ll focus on the $250 Medicare donut hole checks mailed last week. My grandparents are part of the 31% of seniors living only on social security in their retirement (defined as 90% of income coming from social security […]

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Health Care Bill Impacts: The Individual Mandate

Posted by Jill on June 14, 2010

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the health care bill and how it might impact your finances. First up is the new health insurance individual mandate. Health Care Bill Individual Insurance Mandate One of the most controversial provisions of the new healthcare bill is also the one that will […]

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3 Ways to Use Life Insurance During Life

Posted by Jill on May 24, 2010

One of the main tenants of financial planning is minimizing risk. Having an emergency fund is one way of doing this, as are health insurance and disability insurance. But perhaps the biggest way of minimizing financial risk for your loved ones is life insurance. Life insurance is an absolute must for anyone with dependents, as […]

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A new health care reform bill, called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, will be signed by the President today. The house passed the bill on Sunday; the Senate passed it in December. They also added a set of amendments that will go back to the Senate for vote. Since we’re focused […]

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Understanding Health Savings Accounts

Posted by Jill on November 10, 2009

We’re continuing to detail specific benefit options with a look at Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs. Yesterday we looked at High Deductible Health Plans. Because of its lower premiums, an HDHP makes financial sense for many people. If you have an HDHP, you are also eligible to contribute to an HSA and save even more […]

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How to Save Money with High Deductible Health Plans

Posted by Jill on November 9, 2009

While many of you go through open enrollment and others search for private health insurance, we thought it would be a great time to delve deeper into specific benefit options that can help you save money on health care. Today we’ll look into High Deductible Health Plans, or HDHPs. What is a High Deductible Health […]

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Make the Most of Open Enrollment

Posted by Jill on November 2, 2009

I opened the mailbox on Friday and found a thick envelope from my employer: the Guide to Open Enrollment. During the next two weeks, employees of my company can renew our benefits selections or choose new ones for next year. If you find yourself in the same situation, it’s important that you take advantage of it. […]

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Shopping Insurance and Landing at Allstate

Posted by Madison on June 1, 2009

I mentioned that we switched our insurance to Allstate earlier this month. Since I used to work in the insurance industry, I actually didn’t shop our rates very often. Because of the state filings, I knew that we had some of the best coverage and premiums around. Everything changed when we decided to enter the […]

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10 Important Tasks for Your Mid Year Checkup

Posted by Madison on July 7, 2008

We’re half way through the year. It’s a great time to do a mid-year checkup of your financial situation. Here are a few of the topics that I like to revisit in the summer to make sure that we are on track! 1. Asset allocation rebalancing. Have you rebalanced your portfolio lately? With the decline […]

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